In Their Words

Dedicated staff member

“Thank you, Kathryn, for the wisdom and commitment which you have given to the children in your care. The children and families of Seba Beach School are most fortunate to have such a dedicated staff member to work with and learn from. Through endeavours such as yours, Seba Beach School will continue to be a vibrant learning environment through which children can experience success” Tim Monds – Superintendant of Schools, Parkland School Division (2011)

Excellent rapport with students

“Kathryn is truly dedicated to her students both academically and as a coach of many extracurricular activities. She has put in countless extra hours coaching volleyball, basketball, running and track. This has allowed Kathryn to build a strong rapport with her students and this rapport has transferred into her classroom.” Norma Peck – Retired Gr. 2/3 Teacher and Acting Principal (2014)

“Ms. Anderson has developed a strong rapport with most students in a short period of time. This has allowed her to work effectively with all students as they know that she cares about them as a learner and a child.” Shaye Patras – Principal, Seba Beach School  (2010)

“Her sense of humor and flexible manner enabled her to develop an excellent rapport with each student” Yukola McKinnon – University Facilitator, University of Alberta (2006)

Ability to create a safe and positive classroom environment

“She is sensitive to the special needs and abilities of each student, providing support and challenge in an environment that encourages students to take risks in learning.” Brenna Maradyn –IPT Mentor Teacher (2004/2005)

Strong classroom management and student motivation skills

“Ms. Anderson has demonstrated the ability to minimize discipline issues within her class through thoughtful preparation of lessons and pre-determined strategies and activities to engage all learners.” Shaye Patras – Principal, Seba Beach School (2010)

Effective lesson adaptation and differentiation to meet the unique needs of each learner

“With a large number of First nations students within her classroom, in addition to students with special needs integrated within her teaching environment, she constantly adjusts her practice based on thoughtful reflection in order to meet the diverse learning needs of her students. Her lesson plans clearly identify strategies for differentiation and extension of a variety of learners.” Shaye Patras – Principal, Seba Beach School (2010)


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