• School Sports Representative 2009 – 2013. This included attending meetings, helping to maintain the WCJHAA constitution, acting as liaison between coaches and the WCJHAA and supervising athletic events throughout the year.
  • Helped to develop a consolidated athletics program between 3 (eventually 4) schools to enable more students to participate and compete in the league. This included creating a new name/logo, finding funding for and ordering new jerseys, organizing coaches and gym time, hosting try-outs and creating a 3 year program plan.
  • Developed a Soccer Sports Performance option from the ground up (2010).
  • Created a blog for teachers, parents and students, that focuses on integrating movement into learning:
  • Ordered and maintained equipment for use in PE classes and recess.
  • Increased participation rates by 25% in the junior high physical education classes at Seba Beach School from the onset of the assignment to 2013.
  • Coached boys and girls in a variety of sports (for 4 years), at a junior and senior level. Including soccer, volleyball, basketball, cross-country/long distance running (Vancouver Sun Run) and badminton.
  • Organized and ran an annual basketball tournament at Seba Beach School. On top of coaching, this included promoting the tournament and recruiting teams; ordering medals, plaques, and shirts; finding, paying and coordinating referees; creating a draw; coordinating a concession with the help of the Parent Council and our team; and organizing custodial coverage.
  • Coached an under 8 girls soccer team in Edmonton, Alberta.
  • Play/played competitive Premier/Major  and college women’s soccer, slow pitch, volleyball and basketball. Enjoy running, mountain biking, golfing, snowboarding, Latin dance, swimming, yoga and Pilates.
  • Took Volleyball, Basketball, Outdoor Environmental Education, Personal Health and Fitness, and Introduction to Movement for Active Children under graduate classes.

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