• Helped create and lead a middle years literacy program based on the tenants of Balanced Literacy. This involved training and coordinating 10 different staff members, creating levelled student groups, coordinating diagnostic and summative testing for all students involved, leading weekly literacy meetings, ordering and distributing resources for the program and teaching two groups of students, while supervising the other groups.
  • Took 2 years of middle years Balanced Literacy training and attended a number of other workshops at the Banff Middle Years Conference (2013) and the annual Teacher’s Convention.
  • Created and implemented an action research project based on a remedial reading  program for struggling middle school readers using a phonics based program and distributed the results and conclusions to my colleagues.
  • Through my education at the University of Alberta, I had the opportunity to create and implement a customizedDiagnostic Reading Program with a recently immigrated, grade 7 student. I assessed her reading level, diagnosed her strengths and weaknesses and formulated a tutoring program that took course over two months. Though I achieved an excellent grade on the project, the real feeling of success came when my student told me in one of our last sessions that she volunteered to read for the first time in the classroom, and used her “strategies” to help her.
  • Majored in Language Arts during my Bachelor of Education Degree.

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