Classroom Planning

As stated in Alberta Education’s Teacher Quality Standard document, teachers who hold a Permanent Professional Certificate must demonstrate that they can “engage in a range of planning activities” (Ministerial Order #016/97, 1997).

I believe that I demonstrate this through the following:

  • I use/create daily, weekly, unit and year plans to organize my teaching activities.
  • I consider the learning styles, strengths, needs and interests of my students during the planning process.
  • I borrow and adapt plans created by other effective educators.
  • I use formal and informal assessment results to guide my planning.
  • I create and adapt my plans based on the unique needs of my students.
  • I create and integrate individual program plans, accommodations and whole class strategies such as universal design for learning, into my planning to create a positive and truly inclusive learning environment.
  • I share my plans for learning with colleagues, administration, parents and students. I also involve them in the planning process when appropriate.
  • I develop plans based on the objectives outlined by the Alberta Program of Studies.

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