Differentiated Instruction

As stated in Alberta Education’s Teacher Quality Standard document, teachers who hold a Permanent Professional Certificate must demonstrate that they “know there are many approaches to teaching and learning” (Ministerial Order #016/97, 1997).

I believe that I demonstrate this through the following:

  • I assess the strengths, needs and interests of each student in order to provide different entry points into the learning activities. For example, all students are learning about research skills, but they are each researching something different that is of interest to them; some may be working with another student or TA; some may be using the assistance of Read and Write Gold; while others may be required to add a follow up video or presentation that shows different points of view on their topic.
  • I provide students with the opportunity to access the information I am providing in multiple ways. For example, I will show a video about the topic, do a short demonstration, talk about it, and have key points written on the board or an anchor chart.
  • All students learn better when they are able to engage in their learning. I try to provide opportunities for students to experience what they are learning as much as possible. For example, we were learning about the process of passing a bill (Canadian government), so we set up a mock parliament, and experienced the whole thing. We even had one student acting as the bill!
  • I understand that each student has a different level of understanding or skill in a specific area, and I aim to meet the student where they are, and use scaffolding and high interest activities to encourage growth.
  • I use universal design for learning where appropriate, so that the learning activities allow all students to participate at their level.

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