Educational Technology

As stated in Alberta Education’s Teacher Quality Standard document, teachers who hold a Permanent Professional Certificate must demonstrate that they “apply a variety of technologies to meet students’ learning needs” (Ministerial Order #016/97, 1997).

I believe that I demonstrate this through the following:

  • I am constantly researching and learning about new technologies and/or new ways to use current technology through professional development (ie. Learning Leader sessions), my school PLN and my online PLN through Twitter (@kkindrat).
  • I find out about my student’s technology based interests and effectively utilize educational technology to increase motivation. For example, utilizing Facebook to work with concepts such as short story character development, immigration laws and global citizenship. Another example would be the use of Edmodo, which simulates many of the features of Facebook (ie. chatting, posts, profiles, etc., but is geared specifically towards education).
  • I employ assistive and educational technology to support students with special needs. For example, I have taught students with reading difficulties to use Read and Write Gold to enable them to work with grade level content. Another example would be the use of Simple Dictation, allowing students that struggle with writing to get their ideas across quickly.
  • I take important learning objectives and find technology that would best enhance the student’s opportunity to learn, and make learning more meaningful. For example, we used iPads, camera phones, YouTube and Windows Movie Maker to explore concepts in expository writing and filmmaking. Students had to create a “How To” video based on a script and storyboard that showed detailed and sequential directions, teaching someone how to do something.
  • I use the interactive SmartBoard and SmartBoard resources to create engaging and interactive lessons for the whole class, small group and individual remediation/extension.
  • I allow and teach students how to use their own devices responsibly, for learning.
  • I use technology such as Google Drive/Docs, Gmail, OutlookTwitter, DropBox and blogs to maintain open lines of communication and share resources with colleagues/administrators, parents and students.
  • I use Students Achieve and School Logic for reporting and administrative purposes.
  • I integrate and encourage the use of both traditional learning tools and new technologies. For example, I may have students use the textbook to locate a specific piece of information, then investigate the information further using online research tools, finding different points of view or related current events, then take it one step further and create a presentation based on their findings.
  • I use a technology to find resources that enhance learning such as Discovery Education, Twitter, Pinterest, Google, YouTube, etc.

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