Meaningful Learning Activities

As stated in Alberta Education’s Teacher Quality Standard document, teachers who hold a Permanent Professional Certificate must demonstrate that they can “translate curriculum content and objectives into meaningful learning activities” (Ministerial Order #016/97, 1997).

I believe that I demonstrate this through the following:

  • I post/discuss learning objectives in student friendly language, so that students understand what we are aiming for during the lesson/activity.
  • I take learning objectives and try to create learning activities that match my students’ interests. For example, we were learning about the format of a business letter, so I had my students write a business letter to our principal lobbying for an extra store day (a topic very near and dear to their hearts!).
  • I teach and encourage goal setting and reflection as a means to engage students in their own learning process.
  • I try to make learning fun and/or meaningful by honing in on student interests, strengths and varied learning styles.
  • I take time planning projects and activities that I believe to be highly motivating and engaging, however, I am also willing to adapt or abandon lessons/activities that aren’t working.
  • I use a variety of resources, including technology to make learning come alive! I believe students should experience their learning as much as possible.

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