Pedagogical Knowledge

As stated in Alberta Education’s Teacher Quality Standard document, teachers who hold a Permanent Professional Certificate must demonstrate that their “application of pedagogical knowledge, skills and attributes is based in their ongoing analysis of contextual variables” (Ministerial Order #016/97, 1997).

I believe that I demonstrate this through the following:

  • I have gained a plethora of pedagogical knowledge through my Bachelor of Education, Master of Education, extensive professional development/other training, and am able to apply it to my teaching practice.
  • I understand that effective teaching requires me to analyze the contextual variables that exist within the classroom, school and community and make the best choices for teaching and learning, based on those variables.
  • I adapt my lessons and/or plans based on the students. For example, after a particularly competitive game of basketball my grade 3/4 class was still in the heat of debate upon returning to the classroom. The schedule had us moving on to social studies, but I could tell that this would be futile unless we resolved the issue at hand. Instead of following through with the lesson that I had planned, we took the time to have a class meeting/discussion on sportsmanship, fair play, the purpose of playing sports, how to handle conflict, etc. It proved to be the best decision for the students and the learning community.
  • I am constantly refreshing and adding to my pedagogical knowledge by engaging in dialogue with other educators and reading articles, books and research.

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